Q&A with our Head Brewer, Toby Heasman

Badger Beers Head Brewer Toby Heasman at work in the Badger Brewery 24th January 2023

Welcome to our new Q&A series, where we sit down with a member of the Badger team to quiz them on everything from their favourite beer to their perfect holiday.


This month, we asked Head Brewer, Toby Heasman to introduce himself, talk through his time with Badger, and what’s in the pipeline for the brand. Here’s what he had to say…

Where did your passion for beer and brewing come from?

When I was 15, I started brewing. We had an orchard at home, so I began making cider and then quickly went on to beer. This led to me studying brewing at Heriot Watt, before working in a microbrewery in Florida. After this, I came back to finish my degree, graduated with a first and was named top brewing student of the year. I was then recruited by Bass brewers – later completing my Master Brewer.


I moved to Dorset and joined Hall & Woodhouse (Badger HQ) as Second Brewer 17 years ago and went on to become Head Brewer three years later. Since I’ve been here, we have built the new brewery (in 2012), won over 30 different beer awards, and been awarded Parliamentary Brewer of the Year.

What is your favourite thing about being a Head Brewer?

I love making things. Seeing people get enjoyment from what I’ve made is extremely rewarding… and what better thing to do that with than beer!

What’s your favourite Badger Beer?

It’s a bit like dogs and children, it’s kind of wrong to have a favourite. However, our two most recent gold medal winners (Milk Made and Red Roaster) are great beers. On a hot day, I still like our House Lager or a Wicked Wyvern IPA.

If you could only drink one style of beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Either a cask ale or a West Coast IPA.

What’s in the pipeline for Badger this year (and beyond)?

We’re exploring more and more different beer styles. As a company, we’ve been innovating since 1777 and have got some great, more craft orientated beers to launch across our houses and take-home this year. Watch this space!

What would you like to see more of in the beer industry?

Just for everyone to celebrate great beer, regardless of the style or maker.

Quick fire: this or that…


Stand at the bar or sit by the fire? Stand at the bar.

Sweet or savoury? Savoury.

Dogs or cats? Dogs.

Country pub or city bar? Country pub.

Stout or IPA? Both!

Football or rugby? Rugby.

Night in or night out? Night out.

Bitter or lager? Both!

Poolside or action holiday? Action holiday.

Above or below 5%? Below.


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Before you enter the world of Badger, we just want to check — are you of legal age to drink where you are? Please remember to drink responsibly.