What is ABV in beer?

Badger bottle with ABV label pouring beer into pint glass 06th February 2024

In a world of beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike, one term often stands out: ABV.

But what exactly does ABV mean, and why is it significant? Let’s delve into this fundamental aspect of beer appreciation.


Everything you need to know about beer’s alcohol content

ABV, short for Alcohol by Volume, is a measure of the alcohol content present in a beverage, expressed as a percentage of the total volume. In simpler terms, it tells you how much alcohol is in your drink, relative to the total amount of liquid.


For beer enthusiasts, understanding ABV is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it provides insight into the beer’s potency. Beers with higher ABV values generally pack a stronger punch, while those with lower ABV values are lighter and more sessionable.


Secondly, knowing the ABV helps consumers make informed decisions about consumption. Whether you’re enjoying a casual drink with friends or savouring a special brew, understanding the alcohol content allows for responsible enjoyment.


How is ABV Calculated?

The process involves measuring the specific gravity of the beer before and after fermentation. Specific gravity is the density of a liquid relative to that of water. By comparing the two measurements, brewers can calculate the alcohol content produced during fermentation.


ABV in Badger and Outland Beers

At the Badger Brewery, we take pride in crafting beers with a range of ABV values to suit various preferences and occasions.


We’re on a mission to redefine your beer journey, from an easy-drinking session ale to a robust, high-ABV traditional English brew—each Badger and Outland brew offers a unique drinking experience.


ABV and beer’s character

It’s essential to remember that while ABV provides valuable information, it’s not the sole indicator of a beer’s character. Factors such as ingredients, brewing techniques, and flavour profiles all contribute to the overall enjoyment of a beer.


So, the next time you crack open a cold one, take a moment to appreciate the ABV listed on the label. It’s not just a number—it’s a window into the world of beer and a reminder to savour every sip responsibly.


Cheers to the journey of discovery in every pint of Badger and Outland beer!


Before you enter the world of Badger, we just want to check — are you of legal age to drink where you are? Please remember to drink responsibly.