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The story of Pickled Partridge.

Suspecting his fate as the centrepiece of the Sunday roast, our cunning Partridge escaped his captor with a snappy peck. This plump tipple balances roasted malt with fruity citrus hops.

Did you know?

You may sing '…and a partridge in a pear tree' every Christmas holiday, however partridges are in fact ground nesting birds.

Tawny ale.

A winter tawny ale.

Enjoy a winter tawny ale – a perfect pint which uses crystal and chocolate malt for a fuller flavour, balanced by the generous fruity and citrus notes of First Gold and Celeia hops for a rich winter brew.

4.6% ABV.

Pickled Partridge

Just here for the winter, get it while it lasts.

Pickled Partridge Pump

Pickled Partridge Pump

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