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The story of Red Ramble.

Head inland from Dorset’s stunning coastline and it won’t take you long before you’re greeted by an enchanting woodland. It’s while strolling through the county’s ancient trees on a crisp autumn morning, with a multi-coloured carpet of leaves underfoot, that our head brewer was inspired to craft Red Ramble.

Rich in colour and flavour, this wonderfully comforting ruby beer is a welcome treat after an autumnal woodland walk.

Did you know?

The longest walk ever completed was by Jean Beliveau, a former neon-sign salesman. He passed through 64 countries and walked 46,600 miles, all of which took him 11 years.

Rich ruby beer.

A rich ruby autumn beer.

The three types of malt, and the Jester and Amarillo hops, give this ruby beer a deep biscuit-malt and fruity hop taste, with a citrus hop aroma.

4.0% ABV.

Red Ramble

Just here for the autumn, get it while it lasts.

Red Ramble Pump

Red Ramble Pump

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