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The story of The Dorset Horn.

A hardy sort, The Dorset Horn persists in all weather. Famed for its distinctive curly horns and full-bodied physique, this rose-nosed character is the farmer’s choice — refreshingly well-matched for an unpredictable spring.

Did you know?

There’s a little truth in ‘counting sheep’. Unable to sleep for fear of their flock, early sheepherders would ease their worries by going out to their fields and counting the herd, to make sure they were all safe.

Pale ale.

A straw-coloured pale ale.

A straw-coloured pale ale brewed with Fuggles hops which deliver a delicate floral aroma with a clean, refreshing yet full-bodied finish.

4.2% ABV.

The Dorset Horn

Available in selected Hall & Woodhouse pubs. Here for the summer — get it whilst it lasts.

The Dorset Horn Pump

The Dorset Horn Pump

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