Badger Cranborne Poacher Bottle and Glass
Badger Cranborne Poacher redesign
Badger Cranborne Poacher redesign
Badger Cranborne Poacher redesign

Cranborne Poacher


/ 5.7% ABV

With damson and liquorice notes

A local legend with a penchant for jewel toned treasures, the Cranborne Poacher lives a fruitful, yet elusive lifestyle. Some say you would only know its existence by the damson trees picked clean in Cranborne Chase.

Enigmatic, rich and full-bodied, this ruby ale hoards a cache of complex flavour with notes of wild fruits, liquorice and chocolate malt. What a find.

2023 World Beer Awards - UK Gold Winner (Flavoured Beer)
2021 World Beer Awards - UK Gold Winner (Flavoured Beer)
2020 World Beer Awards - UK Bronze Winner (Flavoured Beer)

Eye icon for how this beer looks


Ruby, golden and vibrant

Nose icon for how this beer smells and what aroma it has


Dark fruits, malt and liquorice

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Damson, sweet and complex

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Allergy Information

Contains: Malted Barley and Sulphites. May contain Wheat.

  1. Michael Tuohy

    I love this beer, please don’t stop making it.

  2. Sam Sephton

    Had to come onto the website to let it be known this beer is RESPLENDENT! A beautiful weave of treacle, damson, demarera and figgy rolls. Not to forget a healthy touch of what I can only describe as Yorkshire puddin’, not sure how it stumbled into a Dorset Brewery but a welcome addition to the gob all the same.
    I wish I’d tried this sooner. I will be stocking up.

  3. David Edwards

    Very fruity. Damsons and plums. Lovely stuff. Sweet.

  4. Maria

    I think I have a new favourite. I’m a woman who loves ale, normally IPA and amber, but saw this at Sainsburys amd thought I’d give it a try. The flavour was superb and I enjoyed it so much. Badger ales are good in general, Tanglefoot being another favourite, but I think this has the edge.

  5. Trevor Hill

    I like the blandford fly, but this beer just about surpasses that. Very nice quality beer indeed.

  6. John David Evans

    This is my favourite beer . A special taste especially for this time of year .

    It is always difficult to obtain locally .

  7. Rob G

    Served chilled, with a bag of plain crisps- Heaven.

  8. Peter Hearn

    This is my favourite, smooth with a unique flavour, a treat at any time of year

  9. Jon Mead

    This is my favourite beer – absolutely delicious!

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