Badger Beers Golden Glory


Golden Glory


/ 4.5% ABV


Golden, glorious and true to its name. This fruity, floral and playfully peachy brew packs a refreshingly balanced punch.

2022 World Beer Awards - UK Gold Winner (Flavoured Beer)
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Allergy Information

Contains Barley and Sulphites. May contain Wheat.

  1. Leigh Horner (verified owner)

    Of all the excellent beers that Badger make this one is my favourite…’s refreshingly moreish and extremely tasty……I’ll definitely be back for more.

  2. Simon Butterworth (verified owner)

    I was genuinely upset when production of this fantastic ale stopped. Didn’t know it was back until recently. My order is due to be delivered today, I can’t wait. Yum yum!

  3. Jeremy Ongley (verified owner)

    A fantastic beer – I’ve just enjoyed my first bottle for a few years and it was everything I remembered – thank you so much for bringing it back – please please please don’t take it away again!

  4. JOHN WILSON (verified owner)

    Fantastic to see this special ale back , really missed it , just put an order in , can’t wait for it to arrive.

  5. Svend Pearce (verified owner)

    I drank this for years and wrote a letter of complaint when discontinued. So pleased it’s back and just ordered 4 boxes! Needless to say will be ordering more so keep on making it please!!!

  6. Donika Brassington (verified owner)

    I was so disappointed when Badger discontinued this beer in 2019 – was gutted and wrote in to them to ask them to bring it back! Now a few years on and people really liking the crafted beers this is fantastic – why its limited _no! – this needs to go back on to the supermarket shelves it will fly off. Best of the lot in my opinion.

  7. PAUL BENNETT (verified owner)

    Didn’t know there was a limited edition, ordered on Tuesday, received on Thursday and did not disappoint.
    Do miss those flavours please bring back so I can buy with my weekly shop.

  8. Lizzie Shelley-Harris (verified owner)

    This has been my favourite ale for many years, and I was gutted when it disappeared. So glad it’s back and really hoping that it stays. Absolutely delicious.

  9. Lucy (verified owner)

    The best bottled beer by far…….please continue to make this amazing piece of craftsmanship!

  10. Rev paul prentice (verified owner)

    This is the beer that got me into beer!!
    Absolutely glorious in every way…a good peach packed nose, wonderful fruity mouth feel followed by a long dry bitter finish, amazing!! Please please bring this gem back into the supermarket shelves! THE summer beer!!!

  11. Doug Philpott

    Sometimes when you revisit something you love after a period of time , the feeling is not the same and a sense of disappointment prevails….. thankfully not with this bad boy 😁, simply the best badger ale bar none !! It’s coming home, it’s coming home alright… it’s arrived !! Drink this and all your troubles will wash away . Well done badger beers 🕺🕺🕺🕺

  12. Peter Morris

    By far the best beer I have ever had, cried like a baby when they stopped making it, today felt like all my Christmas days had come at once, as my first crate got delivered, just ordered 3 more box’s. Heaven

  13. Joe Vitagliano (verified owner)

    Never understood why GG was discontinued. Unique in its flavour and the ideal accompaniment to an English summer (good or bad). As an aside, marketing might have slipped up giving two Badger ales the ‘Golden’ epithet? Customer confusion in the beer aisle and all that. Please, please keep this glorious beer in production!

  14. Gary Luxon

    Please keep making this wonderful beer, why did you stop? This was my favourite beer. I will be ordering some a.s.a.p Please keep it in production, nothing else out there can touch it.

  15. Daren Daly

    Oh my god there must be a god golden glory his back only just got used to hopping hare don’t do this to me happy 😊 days I will be ordering 48 bottles on top of 48 hopping hare plus forum 48 😜

  16. Chris hanger

    The best beer you will ever drink .

  17. Ryan Timms

    Please please please please keep making it!! A dark hole was left on my life when it was discontinued. I don’t want that dark hole to ever come back! Doing it would be like finding a cure for cancer, for a limited time only! Crule one would say. Thank you for resurrecting it!

  18. Andy (verified owner)

    I was absolutely devastated when Golden Glory was discontinued! Seeing that it’s back for a limited time I’ve just purchased 48 bottles!!! Might start a protest in London to keep it going 😂

  19. Jo Dow (verified owner)

    Just in time for my hubbys birthday, this will make his day!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

  20. Mike Clayton

    Golden Glory, well done Badger beers, a brilliant return of one of your best brews

  21. Jon

    So pleased to see this back! Going to stock up while I can!! 🍻🍻🍻🍑🍑🍑

  22. John

    I’ve missed this ale so much. Glad to see it’s return. About time too

  23. Mike Lancaster

    My favourite golden ale, well done Badger, its about time 👍

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