Another new Outland brew

Outland by Badger Brewery Peach Lager cans 03rd July 2023

We’ve been making peach beer for over 20 years at the Badger Brewery, but this Peach Lager is a first for us.

The ultimate sweet and peachy brew to accompany a vibrant summers evening, our new Outland Peach Lager is light, golden, and extremely balanced, with an ABV of 4.2%. Wow-worthy peach notes perfectly complement the zingy freshness of the Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops.


Can’t make it to the beach to enjoy a pint? We’ve canned the experience for you. Just a sip of our new fruity lager will transport you to a vibrant coastal sunset. It’s light, refreshing and the perfect drink to enjoy alongside a Middle Eastern tagine.


See: Light and golden tones of a hot summers day.
Smell: Enticing fruit and peachy goodness.
Taste: Fresh peach notes float above a refreshing lager base, it’s as balanced as a juggling tightrope walker.

What is the difference between beer and lager?


Well, lager is actually a type of beer, so you’re possibly wondering what sets an ale and a lager apart. Both are types of beer and it is only at the point of fermentation (when yeast is added) that a beer becomes one or the other.


Ales are generally fermented at room temperature using top-fermenting yeast, whereas lager is fermented at a cooler temperature using bottom-fermenting yeast, meaning that lager can take anywhere up to double the time to rest (known in the industry as ‘lagering’). Different yeasts are used based on their sensitivity and the level of heat they can withstand.


When you’re drinking an ale, you’ll generally notice it’s more full-bodied than lager, which tends to be lighter with more hop bitterness and an often crisp taste.


Grab 6 or 12 cans of our new Outland Peach Lager from our website now or alternatively head into our brewery shop in Blandford to pick some up. Also coming to selected Hall and Woodhouse pubs on draught from July onwards.


Please Drink Responsibly.


Before you enter the world of Badger, we just want to check — are you of legal age to drink where you are? Please remember to drink responsibly.