Explore Outland, our new craft beer range

Outland Ginger Pale Ale and Milk Stout cans up close 03rd April 2023

We are delighted to present Outland, a new craft beer brand from the Badger Brewery.

Yes, we’re doing craft, but we’re doing it our way. Our 240 years of expertise gives us the confidence and credibility to experiment and the freedom to pour our adventurous personality into the beer. From our home in the heart of Dorset, we are proud of our provenance, our history, and our continuing independence.

The range is launching in 440ml cans with a silky-smooth Milk Stout and punchy Ginger Pale Ale, while guests in our pubs can enjoy a classic hoppy West Coast IPA on draught from this April.

But what does Outland mean? Well, it refers to the beauty, wildness, and range of distinctive landscapes that we take inspiration from and brew into every beer we make.

We may be in the “middle of nowhere”, but who says that’s a bad thing? We see it as the opportunity for freedom. Freedom to think differently, with no noise, no distractions, no everyday routine.

No crowd to follow or trends to jump on.

For more than 245 years we’ve remained fully independent, and we’ve left no stone unturned, hunting out flavours, uncovering hidden secrets and making truly characterful beers. We choose to forge our own path and create beers for everyone. No jargon, no gatekeeping, just great beers to share with good friends.

After all, we’re badgers, not sheep.

So just like us, when you taste Outland, you’ll know everything about it is



Before you enter the world of Badger, we just want to check — are you of legal age to drink where you are? Please remember to drink responsibly.