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Badger Beers | Build Your Own Bundle
Build your own Badger Beers bundle
Build your own Badger Beers bundle

Build Your Own Bundle


/ 4.05% - 5.7% ABV

Pick and mix 12 of your favourite beers from our award-winning range to build your own bundle; from crisp, light summer Golden Ales to hearty, dark full-bodied brews.

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Golden Champion

And the crowd goes wild! Only years of dedicated practice gets you to the top of the podium. No one knows this better than our light but mighty Golden Champion.

4.5% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Golden Glory

Golden, glorious and true to its name. This fruity, floral and playfully peachy brew packs a refreshingly balanced punch.

4.5% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Fursty Ferret

Keep this beer close to hand. Our Fursty Ferret amber ale takes its name from a real ferret with a taste for full-bodied, biscuity beer and a mischievous reputation.

4.4% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Blandford Fly

Deep in the reeds of the River Stour, it lies in wait. Patiently. Ready for unsuspecting prey. Once feared by those who fish these waters, was the ferocious bite of the infamous Blandford Fly. Craftier fishermen know of a different Blandford Fly...

5.2% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Hopping Hare

Weighing in at a 4% ABV, straight from the fields of Dorset, the ‘Purbeck Prize Fighter’ – Hopping Hare. A knockout pale ale inspired by its punchy, hoppy namesakes.

4% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Master Stoat

Master Stoat brings together the rich, roasted notes from Chocolate and Crystal malts, combined with a perfectly pulled espresso.

5.0% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Tangle Foot

It was a tasting that started like any other. Yet the night that ensued became one for the history books. The beer we sipped was so golden and delicious that it had everyone and their dog celebrating into the wee hours of the morning. Such is the legend of our Tangle Foot.

5% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Cranborne Poacher

New design coming soon!

Crystal and chocolate malts provide a full-bodied taste with sweet, complex flavours of damson and liquorice.

5.7% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Portland Poster Session Ale

Portland Poster, our characterful session ale, is a firm favourite in any surroundings. Its copper coloured appearance and earthy nature mean you'll never return to sender.

3.4% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Fropical Ferret

A fruity IPA, bursting with tropical passion fruit & mango flavours, combined with the American Amarillo & Centennial hop notes.

4.6% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Wicked Wyvern

This West Coast style IPA is brewed with Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic hops. It has a flaring deep bronze colour and a citrus aroma of zesty grapefruit, a bitter hop character and a dry hoppy finish.

A wonderfully refreshing and well-balanced beer.

5% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles

Forum Lager

A delicate flavour created by Weihenstephan yeast and a subtle fruit lemon character from the German Hallertau and Heulle Melon hops.

4.2% ABV 500ml
1 x 500ml Bottles
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  1. Richard Waller (verified owner)

    A lovely way to discover new beers without buying a whole case. Have found a new favourite with the Wicked Wyvern.

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