Golden Glory Returns to Supermarkets: A Comeback Story

Golden Glory Peach Ale 24th April 2024

In a tale fit for the high seas, the beloved Golden Glory has made its triumphant return, now available at Sainsbury’s and ASDA stores nationwide.


This iconic peach ale, with its tantalising blend of fruity peach and floral aromas, has enthusiasts and adventurers alike rejoicing at its long-awaited homecoming.


Once a wanderer of the oceans, Golden Glory has found its anchor in the comfort of home waters, promising a bounty of flavour to all who seek it. Its juicy sweetness and golden hue have captured the hearts of many, making it a treasure worth seeking on the grocery run.


“We’re thrilled to welcome back Golden Glory. Its return marks a moment of celebration for our customers who have eagerly awaited its comeback. With new, improved packaging to match the recent Badger rebrand, our popular peach ale can now be found at 586 stores across the UK!”


For fans of Golden Glory, its reappearance is not just a matter of taste but a journey of nostalgia and anticipation. As they stock up on this much-loved elixir, memories of past sips and shared moments flood back, enriching each glass with layers of sentiment and delight.


With its return to Sainsbury’s and Asda, Golden Glory invites all to embark on an adventure, where every sip promises a taste of golden bliss. So set sail for your nearest store, and indulge in the joyous revival of this beloved beverage. After all, in the realm of refreshment, Golden Glory reigns supreme.


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