The best beers to enjoy this summer

Badger and Outland summer cask and keg beers 09th July 2024

As the sun emerges from its hibernation, it’s time to rediscover the best summer beers as enthusiasts across the globe eagerly anticipate the release of new, refreshing brews. And this summer, the Badger Brewery won’t be disappointing, with two new contenders…


Today, we’ll give you exclusive first access to our new Outland Tropical Pale Ale and Badger Citra Sunburst, both rolling out on draught in Hall and Woodhouse pubs across the south as we speak (from 26 June) for the summer months.


But first, let’s explore the key characteristics of the perfect summer beer.


What Makes the Best Summer Beers So Refreshing?

  1. Crisp and Refreshing: Summer beers are renowned for their crispness and refreshing qualities, making them the perfect choice for hotter days. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, having a picnic in the park, or firing up the grill, a cold beer enhances the occasion. Just make sure to accompany it with plenty of water too! Try: Badger Golden Champion Golden Ale
  2. Light and Sessionable: During the heat of summer, many beer aficionados gravitate towards lighter, sessionable beers that are easy to drink in multiples, without overwhelming the palate. These beers often have lower alcohol content, allowing you to enjoy them without feeling weighed down. Try: Badger Portland Poster Session Ale
  3. Fruity and Citrusy: One hallmark of summer beers is the infusion of fruit and citrus flavours, adding a burst of brightness and zest to each sip. From lemon and lime to orange and grapefruit, these fruity undertones enhance the beer’s complexity and lend a tropical vibe that perfectly complements the season. Try: Outland’s new Tropical Pale Ale on tap (read on for more details) or our canned Hazy IPA
  4. Versatile Pairings: Summer beers pair exceptionally well with a variety of seasonal dishes, from fresh salads and grilled seafood to barbecue favourites and spicy tacos. Their crispness and carbonation cut through rich and fatty foods, while their fruity profiles can accentuate the flavours of summer produce.
  5. Outdoor Enjoyment: Perhaps the greatest joy of summer beers is their suitability for outdoor activities. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, embarking on a hiking adventure, or relaxing at a beach bonfire, a cold beer in hand enhances the experience with friends and family.
  6. Experimentation and Discovery: Summer is the perfect time to embrace experimentation and discovery when it comes to beer. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try new styles, whether it’s a crisp pilsner or something fruity (like Badger’s Golden Glory Peach Ale). You may just discover your new favourite summer brew.

Incorporating these elements into your summer beer selection ensures that you’ll be well-equipped to savour the flavours of the season.


Limited-edition summer cask ale: Badger Citra Sunburst

Introducing Citra Sunburst, Badger’s newest, limited-edition summer cask ale, expertly brewed to blend the refreshing qualities of a lager with the bold hop profile of an IPA. This unique concoction boasts a light, crisp malt finish, accentuated by the revered Citra hop variety.


Adding to its allure, Citra Sunburst undergoes fermentation with lager yeast, lending it an unparalleled level of refreshment for a cask ale. With its pale hue, delicate body, and vibrant citrus hop notes, it’s the quintessential pint for summertime enjoyment.


On draught this summer: Outland Tropical Pale Ale

Just in time for summer our new Outland Tropical Pale Ale has landed!


This new, limited-edition pale ale beckons with its fruity allure, refreshing character, and sessionable appeal, making it the perfect drink to enjoy after a long day on the beach, especially when paired with a generous serving of spicy, cheesy nachos.


Indulge in the succulent flavours of juicy mango and vibrant tropical notes, combined with a tantalising interplay of biscuity undertones and the distinct hop profiles of Cascade & Amarillo Hops. As the sun dips below the horizon, sip on this brew and let it elevate your coastal experience to new heights!


Grab a pint of both at your nearest Hall and Woodhouse pub this summer.


*Please Drink Responsibly.


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