Outland IPA bundle by Badger Brewery
Outland IPA bundle
Outland West Coast pour by Lulworth Cove
Outland Hazy IPA pour on beach

Outland IPA Bundle


/ 4.2% - 5% ABV


Embark on a flavour-packed adventure with our new Outland IPA bundle, an IPA 6 pack featuring a best-selling duo of craft beers from the Badger Brewery. Dive into the haze with 3x 440ml cans of our Hazy IPA, a light-bodied yet deeply flavourful Indian Pale Ale bursting with juicy citrus and tropical fruit notes, courtesy of Citra and Amarillo hops. Then, brace yourself for a bold journey with 3x 440ml cans of our West Coast IPA, boasting a deep bronze hue and an explosion of hoppy goodness from Amarillo, Cascade, and Mosaic hops, delivering intense citrus flavours and a powerful hop character. Discover the perfect balance of refreshment and excitement in every sip as you explore our Outland IPA bundle today.


  • 3x 440ml Cans of Hazy IPA
  • 3x 440ml Cans of West Coast IPA

Allergy Information

West Coast IPA contains Malted Barley and Sulphites. May contain Wheat.
Hazy IPA contains Malted Barley. May contain Wheat.

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Outland West Coast IPA × 3

A truly spectacular Indian pale ale, made from a tasty trio of Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic hops to give it a deep bronze colour, punchy citrus flavours, and a powerful hop character.

5.0% ABV 440ml
1 x 440ml Can

Outland Hazy IPA × 3

A craft IPA that's light in colour, deep in flavour. Soak up bold citrus and fruity tropical notes in this refreshingly sessionable pale ale, brewed with Citra and Amarillo hops.

4.2% ABV 440ml
1 x 440ml Can

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